Ten Solid Lesson Chapters with NO Filler!

The VuduBluz Grimoire Course is designed for the blues guitarist to expand on your vocabulary by introducing interesting and unique ideas to the standard blues format. The patterns and designs are simple to follow and will serve as vehicles for you to introduce chromatic passing tones in your playing without being bogged down with excessive theory.

The lessons are designed from simple to complex as I introduce more abstract ideas and patterns to incorporate into your playing. Everything in this course can be applied to standard blues formats/progressions, as well as modern styles, hard bop grooves, and more esoteric approaches to playing the blues.

The concepts are easy to follow and will enable you to manage and master Tension & Resolution which is so important in blues playing. All the diagrams in this course are ones which I use throughout my playing, they work, and they can be expanded on and developed further. I urge you to find your unique vision of applying these concepts and develop your personally unique vocabulary to add to your blues playing. However, I cannot place enough importance on studying and absorbing the masters of traditional blues and their styles and approaches.


With Audio Examples and JAMTRAX!

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